Here’s why I won’t be in seattle or portland this weekend. 4 hours out near fresno; a truck driver fell asleep at the wheel and swerved directly into us, dragging us almost to the other side of the dirt median into oncoming traffic before falling over on top of my car. Everyone almost died; rita and I feel extremely sore; keith has fractured chest stuff and diggy’s eye is swollen shut. Thank god everyone is alive

Definitely want to get another prius; this thing saved my life at least 5 times

I am still in shock along with all of my friends. A semi-truck tire was on top of my car tearing pieces of it into the night. Got home this morning thankfully, going to the hospital tomorrow

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    idk if i told y’all but this happened (i’m diggy… hi)
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    Hey, in case you’re wondering about the lack of posts, here’s why our posse won’t be raving for a while.
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  5. mcname said: I’m so sorry this happened! Thankful everyone was alright.
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  8. olivilot said: OMFG. Thank goodness everyone is okay!
  9. angrythecake said: Hope you all have a speedy recovery… Both physically, and mentally… Definitely seems like something that would shake people up quite a bit. Glad you’re well enough to type about it.
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    So glad you all are safe!
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    so glad you guys are safe!
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